Our Services

Serving Mumford, Alabama with more than 10 years of experience, the Infinity Plumbing & Septic team brings a unique excellence to every job. We’re known for our ability to take all our customers’ needs in stride, providing friendly customer service and trustworthy workmanship.

From septic tank upgrades to drain cleaning services, we do it all — and most importantly, we do it the right way to ensure your satisfaction every time. It would be our genuine pleasure to serve you.

Our Services

Septic Installation & Upgrades — Never worry about your septic system again thanks to our detail-oriented workmanship. Whether we’re installing a brand new system or upgrading an old one, we don’t quit until everything is perfect. Learn more.

Septic Repair — Responsive, friendly, and skilled, our team makes septic repair a breeze. We’ll thoroughly troubleshoot any issues and resolve them completely — and all for an affordable price! Learn more.

Drain Cleaning — Keep things flowing with our drain cleaning services. Thanks to our skill and world-class equipment, we’ll have your drains clear in no time. Learn more.

Drain Jetting — Dealing with a tough blockage deep in your plumbing? Our flexible jetting hose navigates pipe bends and brings forceful water right to the blockage for outstanding results. Learn more.

Plumbing — Offering both emergency and generic plumbing services, we handle everything from faucet replacements to kitchen disposal repair. Learn more.

Pumps — Let us keep the mechanics of your plumbing running smoothly. We install and repair lift stations, sewage pumps, grinder pumps, and sump pumps.

We’re Here to Help

We put the word “infinity’ in our name because we believe there is no limit to the care and perfection we can provide. Our constant pursuit of excellence makes us the most dependable solution to all of your plumbing, drain, and pump needs. Put our number on your fridge, and you’ll have peace of mind like never before. Tell us what you need today!